I am looking to break into the acting industry post-graduation after having hosted a sketch comedy show in college and completing talent classes in high school.

My education + experience with startups combined with my passion for acting provides a unique blend of creativity, strategy, and boldness.



Amateur Hour

Amateur Hour is a Kent State University affiliated Sketch Comedy Show that ran for 3 seasons. I hosted two full those seasons. I also acted in several skits 7 helped to write and producer a few.

*The humor condoned is not an individual stance*


Season 2 Finale

After hosting the full season 2, we needed the hosting segment with a "back the future" esc plot

Paper Malaysia

Here I took the role as a delirious pilot who uncovers the truth about the lost Malaysia flight

Haloween Special

Full episode with Halloween-themed skits. A parallel story occurs between skits of the cast's Halloween party hosted by me

Wasn't Me

A court room parody on the song "Wasn't me" by Shaggy.Acting as the lawyer for the defendent 

I'm Offended

For this skit I am Improv Miming. The skit is about a writers meeting with overly-offended attendees

Thanksgiving Episode

Here is an example of one of the episodes I hosted.

Writing / directing

Bus Marathon

conceptualized, wrote, directed, and casted. 

Plot:  two students who run their own marathon to make the bus 


Marriage Translator

conceptualized, co-wrote, directed, and acted.

Plot: A marriage counselor who interprets or translate what the couple is saying rather than listening to them



In 2012 I completed a 6-month talent program with NewView Talent

Courses were in:

  • Improv
  • Acting
  • Modeling
  • Fashion
  • Etiquette