5 Simple Steps to the Nomad Hustle: How to Find Remote Work



So...what’s this whole nomad thing anyway? How is everyone finding remote work online when you can’t seem to find anything. Well, don’t give up on your virtual victory just yet. Finding remote work isn’t as easy at is seems starting out, but once you find your gig...you’ll be glad you did! Here are 5 simple steps for finding remote jobs.


Step 1: Lay out your skillset

Not sure how to turn your day-to-day job into an online vocation? This is where most people get lost before they even start! The truth about remote work is that it takes a certain skillset, but not any far-out, unreachable skillset; nope, just the ability to manage your own time and projects while keeping a hustler mentality! On top of that, you’ve probably already picked up organizational skills from your desk job...so you’re in a good place! Whether you’re great at talking to people from working in nursing or you’re killer at Excel from being a secretary. Either way, if you want to show off your skills to someone else...the first step is to make sure you know your own skillset!


Step 2: Define or Create your niche

Whether you’ve decided that organization is your strong-suit or you’re great with numbers, now it’s time to apply these skills to an industry. Design, Development, and Marketing are some of the top job fields for remote work, and luckily there are a ton of niches in these fields and even more industries for these niches! For instance, if you want to get into web design after working in retail, the niche of logo design may be your new forte. Entering a niche takes some research, but choose something you're passionate about & the effort will come naturally! If you already know your niche, and your just not sure how to get started, it’s time to get your pens in a line and dot your i’s!


Step 3: Organize & Prepare

When working as a nomad, more than often you are an independent contractor or freelancer. These flexible, creative roles come with the fun responsibilities of keeping things organized for taxes, business filings, and general client/employer-facing relations. Before you jump into the application pool, take the time to brush up your LinkedIn, read up on your independent agreement forms and 1099s, and maybe even bust out a website to add to your applications.


Step 4: Begin the Hunt!

Once you’ve cleared your desk, opened your laptop, and prepared for your first gig...it’s time to find it! It’s not always easy finding remote gigs, but there are a bunch of sites that make it easier such as Angelist.co and Remote.co. If you followed the previous steps, all you have to do now is find the site and type the search keywords that match your niche! If you’re not sure where to start with finding the right website for remote work, check out this article on which sites are best for finding remote work!


Step 5: Win the gig with a killer online presence.

Once you’ve found some remote gigs and sent away the applications, don’t let your hustle stop there! When working online, you have to own the space you work in. The internet is your workspace and social media is your cubicle, so make it stand out by stepping into your own personal brand on social media. Through this you will, not only, up your chances of getting noticed for remote work gigs, but you may also build a killer network in the process!

With these 5 simple steps, the headache of finding remote work doesn’t have to be so bad. It may take some consistency, patience, and dedication, but if you can put the effort in, you’ll see how simple it really is once you find a remote job! After all...you’re a nomad now!