Kona Coast Vacations


There is so much to do on the big island of Hawaii that it can be hard to choose where to start.

From mountain hiking to scuba diving, Kona offers adventures for all kinds of travelers.

No matter what the occasion, below are 4 vacation ideas for your Kona Coast Vacation.


  1. For the romantic getaway


Looking to relax on the beach? Seafood and wine at sunset? From honeymoons to anniversaries, Kona offers the perfect place for couples to unwind and enjoy the beautiful hawaiian land and lifestyle. Get cozy in an oceanfront cottage, central enough to swim with the sea turtles on the bay or enjoy a local dinner at the pier. From visiting a seahorse farm to watching for shooting stars at world renowned Mauna Kea Summit, Kona promises a memorable trip for all kinds of couples.


2. For the family beach trip


So what about the couples with kids you ask? Families of all kinds and sizes can lose track of time enjoying the beaches, restaurants and activities in Kona. Shack up in one of Kona’s many beautiful beach houses and live like a local for a week! Enjoy the privacy and quiet of renting a beach house on the water and ravish in the family barbeques, pool-jumping contests and bonfires while still being central enough to go for ice cream downtown or hike in one of the national parks.


3. For the adventurers and extreme vacationers:

For those of you who come to vacation prepared with to-do lists, cameras, and brochures, Kona is sure to offer a full-schedule for those looking for an adventurous kona coast vacation. Stay in a central loft and be in walking distance to the local coffee shops in the mornings and local breweries at night. Grab your bikes and trek over to the local market or make it a day trip and hike through one of the national volcano parks. Kona offers waterfalls, restaurants, and museums for all types of adventurers! Locals love to explore Kona’s Volcano park in the day and enjoy local wine from the volcano winery at night!


4. For the girls-weekend and reunions:

Just as excited for the bachelorette party as you are for the big day? Escaping the 9-5 for a reunion with your closest friends? Pitch in on a pent house, take off your heels, and enjoy your girls-getaway kona coast vacation. You won’t be bored with the local botanic gardens, art shops, and wineries. Enjoy a morning at the spa, afternoon at the beach, and evening drinking local wine in town. Kona offers a great mix between fun and relaxation for groups of all sizes!