All About Geminis and Gemini Season



I’ve had a lot of people ask about Gemini season this year. Gemini’s tend to be misunderstood and thus get a bad rep, but most of the people I love most are Geminis, so I’d like to shed some light on their twin-souled free spirited sign.

All About Geminis:

Ruled by mercury and associated with the third house, the mind rules Gemini. They are turned on and engaged by intellectualization and actually receive sensual stimulation through conversation. The sapiosexuals of the zodiac. They love to talk and love to hear themselves talk. They also love to hear other people talk. Anything and everything communication really. 

They are also associated with siblings, childhood, local transportation, travel, and everyday technology. Gemini’s value their local community and feel connected to the people around them whether they want to or not. They are like the telephone wires that go through a city, they want to know everything that’s going on and share it with others. They feel hurt when they are left out of the loop or not told something. They don’t care to be the leaders but they do want to be an important part of any project or activity. 

When they don’t have healthy external communication or relations they get lost internally. They get confused by their own thoughts because the way that their logical mind works usually doesn’t match the logic of society, in the sense that their ideas and thoughts are fluid so they tend to change their mind or contradict themselves on the daily. This can be really troublesome for sensitive gems because they tend to feel that they can’t “trust” themselves or that other people can’t trust them. In truth tough, Gemini’s are very loyal when they feel a true connection!

During Gemini season, there is a lot of information dancing through the air! We can pick it up and run with it or simply let it pass and observe it, but either way there will be many ideas circling, and a need for connected and intriguing communication! 💎