What to Know About the Full Leo Lunar Eclipse 2019



Full Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Entering Aquarius Season

This eclipse will come with intense energy. All eclipses open us up to clear and observe our internal environment, but this one specifically will also have us tuned in externally.

Eclipses fold us inside out in order to show us the influences inside of us that are affecting our outside world.

🦁This is a special eclipse because of the moon in powerful + eccentric LEO. πŸ’–

Major Influences:

  • Eclipse in Leo opposite Sun in Aquarius: Most eclipses are opposite their sister sign sun. With this eclipse, we have the polar energies of Leo and Aquarius. This dynamic will have us looking into our interactions with others and how it aligns with our internal values. This will prompt us to tap into both our inner world and our external environment. Pay close attention to the information itself, we can learn a lot from new and present information right now.

  • Eclipse Square Uranus: Uranus will square the moon in Leo. With Uranus ruling Aquarius, we will be vulnerable to receiving mixed signals.  

Positive effects: we will feel alive, creative, inspired, and confident, which can allow us to have internal breakthroughs or radical observations.

Cautions: we may feel impulsive, reactive, and restless. Uranus rules creativity, rebellion, independence, and subconscious desires. Since Uranus will be squaring the eclipse, the worst of these behaviors may tempt us, but if aligned, we may receive new information or opportunity. It is likely something comes up or someone comes in that is surprising, triggering, irritating...or all of the above.

How to care for your energy

  • Focus on your alignment: Channel through writing. Do something that’s aligned with your values. Talk to people who light you up

  • Release energy in a healthy, invigorating or entertaining way: Go to a yoga class. Play a game. Dance around your house. Listen to a vinyl

  • Allow yourself to be creative: channel any surprising or unwanted energy into creativity. Draw, write, sign, paint, act, and celebrate!