The light between words collection

A collection of photos I've taken and edited paired with poetry I've written.

The Keeper of our Accomplishments

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Time is the keeper of our accomplishments
Chored with the task of holding all our potential failures & successes
locked behind the movement of minutes  
Waiting to be hindered by the key of our own desire
And unlocked by the turn of our destiny


Imagined Boundaries

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When we fear the world we live in, we fear exploration.
Freedom is lost in the reliance on a single nation.
When we fear the world we live in, we fear our own ability.
Boundaries, borders, and baggage promise artificial stability.
When we fear the world we live in, we fear our own neighbor. 
Safety isn't earned from the signatures on a paper.
When we fear the world we live in, we fear our own mind.
For, man created fear, and fear controls our time.
When we fear the world we live in, we lose our control to feel.
For freedom of feeling, is the only thing that's real.


In a world of "don't talk to strangers,"
we stand isolated, back-to-back, in a crowd of familiar eyes. Afraid to look into those eyes; afraid we may find similarities.
Afraid strangers may become friends. For if strangers become friends, then they aren't so strange after all.
And if they are still strange, then, we, too, must be strange.
If this is so, then there is nothing to fear beyond our own capabilities, quirks, and quandaries, but that thought is scarier than the thought of strangers.
So we choose to remain isolated in a crowd of familiar eyes.

Before Tolerance

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When anger comes before tolerance
Use the alchemy of your energy
to transform anger into sadness
Sadness into acceptance
Acceptance into forgiveness
Forgiveness into peace
Peace into strength
and strength into tolerance

playlist For you

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I made a playlist for you
I want to listen to you hear each song
I want to dance in your mind
While you listen to the lyrics of mine
Please don’t play it too fast
Please don’t skip a song
You may find my soul in the rhythm
And my heart in the beat
Get lost in the words
Play it on repeat
I made a playlist for you

Middle Ground


I have ridden the pendulum of overexertion and the lack thereof.
The journey between elation and cessation,
leads the rider lost.
I prefer the middle ground;
where there is less velocity,
and more solitude.
Where gratitude, forgiveness, and resilience form;
All ingredients
for my own
personal greatness.

Spring Sunset

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I continue to lose the days
as they slip into tomorrow 
and I fall into yesterday
The air reminds me of 9 years old
under oak trees
and I forget that time has continued
after I had asked it to stop
I forget that it continues
as I
can no longer continue
with it