His eyes were brown, mine were blue. 

His lips were soft, mine were too. 

The moment we touched, that’s when I knew. 

This feeling was inevitable, divine, and incredible. 

Something about the rush, I knew, could never be regrettable. 

I was lost in our thoughts, the ones that intertwined. 

It was easy to love, when we could read each other’s minds. 

A glance was all it took, to feel more than just sensation. 

I felt the weight of the world, the meaning behind creation. 

I knew he felt it too, his eyes told me so. 

I was finally alive; I never could let this go. 

But what happens when time doesn’t stop, and our feelings alter our decisions. 

When distractions tease our thoughts and we’re scared of the world we live in. 

We always had each other, but I wanted something more. 

Something to give me answers, my mind was different than before. 

We went our separate paths, one chosen and one made. 

I don’t know why you waited; I don’t know why I was afraid.

We’re strangers now, though I see you every day. 

I can still feel your thoughts, the ones you send my way. 

Our love is in disguise,

but your eyes still don’t tell lies.