What if time stopped, and we met in the silence. 

Would the chemistry still be there? Something beyond science. 

Our love has been forgotten, decided by our past. 

I’ve been looking for something more, something that will last. 

I’ve searched the whole world, the one inside my mind. 

If I let you back inside, would you be scared of what to find?  

There was a time when we were young, yet we knew more than we know now. 

We knew how to be, in the moments that we found. 

The connection has not been lost; our thoughts are still in sync. 

You know how I feel, and I know how you think. 

I don’t believe in reliving the past, but I do believe in love. 

We're miles apart on the ground, but the future exists above. 

This feeling hasn’t gone away, that’s how I know it’s real. 

I would ask you for a reaction, but I already know how you feel.